standing between heaven and earth


The seal that I use on my card can be translated as 'Standing Between Heaven & Earth'.  It has twofold significance: primarily it refers to the philosophy which is so integral to Chinese Medicine, the concept of Yin and Yang.  According to the philopsohy, Heaven is Yang (very light and energetic in nature) and Earth is Yin (more dense and substantial physically).


An extension of this notion is that mankind stands between the two extremes:  the head, the more Yang part of the person, is uppermost, closer to the sky/heaven (in itself Yang), and the lower part of the body is more Yin in nature and closer to the earth (which is Yin).  As mankind we ‘stand between Heaven and Earth’ with head reaching up to the heavens and feet walking on the earth. 


This phrase 'Standing Between Heaven and Earth' also reminds me that as a health practitioner working with both these healing traditions, I myself 'stand between' both Naturopathy and Acupuncture.  I think of Naturopathy as being the Yin to Acupuncture’s Yang.  

I was inspired to study naturopathy after learning about it whilst studying massage. With an already long interest in health and well-being,  it was a natural transition to exploring the fascinating world of herbal medicine, nutrition and homeopathy and all the other subjects that Naturopathy offered.  


Originally from Sydney, I headed west for a " tree change" in 2000, ending up practising as a Naturopath in Alice Springs for  6 years. There I gathered numerous additional skills and a wealth of experience treating diverse clients and a range of acute and chronic conditions.


In 2006 I made a "sea change" which took the form of a relocation to coastal Adelaide.  It has also been a time of extending my qualifications and alternative health training, as I undertook the rigorous Masters in Acupuncture at RMIT, graduating in 2012.  Acupuncture is something that I personally have frequently turned to when unwell, and over the years I became intrigued by it. Now having studied it, and come to understand it's history, theory and seen it's extraordinary range of uses, I am thoroughly entranced by this medicinal art.  In recent years my clinical focus has become acupuncture focussed and I am able to draw on my naturopathic skills to enhance aspects of treatment or explanations for clients.  


I was Senior Lecturer of Naturopathy at Endeavour College in Adelaide for 7 years and continue to lecture at the college.  I 'walk the talk (most days!)' and am passionate about clinical practice in both my chosen fields of practice.

Continuing Education is an essential part of professional practice and I participate in professional development for both Naturopathy and Acupuncture.  The past 4 years I have been very excited to participate in additional training in Japanese style acupuncture and am happy to be able to offer this gentle, pulse-guided form of acupuncture to my clients.  





Dip.Naturopathy 1991 (including Naturopathy, Botanical Medicine, Nutrition, Homeopathy)

Bachelor Health Science (Comp Med) 2002

Masters Applied Science (Acupuncture) 2012




elena williams